Producent materiałów ceramicznych

Ahesives, Mastics, Refractory mass, Rigidizer

Ceramic Spray Fiber - CSF

Modern insulation – multipurpose fiber gel ready to use.

Mass ready to use without air access 12 months.

Packaging: plastic pails 1 – 20 kg.

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FKM Firepfoof Mastic

Paste with very good lubricity and adhesion – repair, renovation, insulation, construction.

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Cramic Putty FKM-G

Kit FKM-G is based on aluminum phosphate binders. As an excellent electrical insulator is used, among others, in securing the electric terminals and framing heaters.

It is resistant to temperatures up to 1500 °C. Well suited for bonding ceramic-metal, metal-to-metal, showing at the same time anti-corrosive properties. After drying at 300 °C putty obtained very high mechanical strength. With a high proportion of refractory fibers, FKM-G is resistant to contraction.

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The Fiber Plast mass is delivered in dry bulk form and after moisturization with water and mixing produces use-ready uniform consistency with good lubricity and adhesion.

The Fiber Plast mass can be used as insulation-repair mass

ZAMAC ZMC is the only manufacturer of Fiber Plast. Buying from us, you can be sure that mass is new of full value

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Rigidizer U-2

Rigidizer U-2 is inorganic liquid hardener for fibrous materials.

Rigidizer U-2 is a product based on colloidal silica. Recommended as impregnating the surface of ceramic fiber (mats, modules, fittings) to increase hardness and resistance to erosion.

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Piecolep is an pasty high temperature adhesive. Refractory adhesives have been developed for fast and effective bonding all kinds of groups of high-temperature materials.

This product is inorganic, doesn’t release gases at high temperatures. Piecolep is a ready-to-use adhesive, but the best results are obtained after thorough mixing prior to application.

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Piecolep Mineral

Piecolep Mineral is a high-temperature liquid adhesive.

Fluid dhesive up to 950°C.
Main purpose: to bond fibrius materials with aluminum foils and screens.
Suitable density (1.5 g / cm3) allows for efficient application and bonding materials.

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Piecobox mass

Piecobox repair mass was developed to quick linings repairs (up to 1400°C) operating in furnaces, dryers, reactors, chimneys, tanks, ducts, and similar devices. Our mass is also used as a tough protective coat.
Piecobox is characterized by high bond-strength and adhesion to most linings.

Piecobox fills scratches, cracks and crevices, strengthening material which is repaired. As far as possible, repaired surface must be cleaned and gently moistened.

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