Producent materiałów ceramicznych

Insulating boards


The insulation boards are manufactured from aqueous suspensions of refractory fibers using the vacuum-forming method. The precisely selected layout of binders allows for the use of a minimal amount of (non-toxic) organic elements. They are removed during the first annealing, from the temperature of approximately 250 °C. As a result the board becomes completely odorless and returns to the white color. In terms of the classification temperature, we manufacture two types of boards: 1260 °C and 1430 °C.

With concern for our products, shipping of insulation boards is performed only on pallets.



  • excellent homogeneity
  • good mechanical resistance
  • resistant to most chemicals
  • excellent volume stabilization
  • low apparent density
  • easy mechanical processing (cutting, drilling, milling)
  • stability in high temperatures
  • resistant to sudden temperature changes
  • can be used in direct contact with flames
  • low heat accumulation ratio




  • lining of furnace vaults and walls
  • lining of combustion chambers in boilers
  • lining of boilers and water heaters
  • insulation of smelters and glass furnaces
  • dilatation, fire screens
  • general purpose thermal barrier
  • insulation of ceramic kiln cars
  • lining of heaters
  • repair and modernization of older types of furnaces
  • insulation of channels, ducts
  • insulation of the working part of hard ceramics, such as refractory bricks
  • thermal insulation in various branches of industry


Technical Data


Classification temperature1260°C1430°C
Density400 kg/m3400 kg/m3

Linear shrinkage %

max. 3%max. 3%
Compressive strength [N/mm2]

Thermal conductivity(W/m*K):
  • 300°C
  • 0,110,10
  • 600°C
  • 0,141,13
  • 800°C
  • 0,160,16
  • 900°C
  • 0,190,19
    Chemical analysis of the fibers

  • Al2O3+ZrO2
  • min. 47%min. 52%
  • SiO2
  • max. 54%max. 46%
  • Fe2O3
  • max. 0,3%max. 0,2%
  • Na2O+K2O
  • max. 0,5%max. 0,5%


    Available dimensions of the insulation boards


    1000 mm1000 mm50 mm
    1000 mm500 mm50 mm
    1000 mm500 mm40 mm
    1000 mm500 mm30 mm
    1000 mm500 mm20 mm



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