Producent materiałów ceramicznych

ZAMAC Ceramic materials

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ZAMAC Ceramic materials

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We are a company established in 1989 which produces high-temperature refractories based on advanced technology of form shaping and capacity that enables the introduction of new energy-saving systems to the industry.

For many years our business activity has focused on production of fire-resistant unformed goods and materials, such as mixes, concrete, backfills, carburizers for the metallurgy, founding and power engineering industries.

Since 1999 the company has oriented its manufacturing activity towards comprehensive needs fulfillment in the scope of advanced thermal insulation for founding, power engineering, other industries and crafts. We produce and process insulation products, mainly made of ceramic fibers. We also use corundum, silica, silicate, carbide materials, etc.
An important part of our business activity is production of resistive heating elements with a very wide range of applications.
We produce ceramics as well as catalysts for gas purification technologies in the processes of hazardous substances pyrolysis.

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Vacuum formed profiles are produced on our precision made molds, therefore we are not limited in forming a wide variety of insulating element shapes. One of the branches of our business is production of insulation boards characterized by perfect parameters. After prior formation with desired thickness, we obtain a hard board ready for mechanical machining and installation. We produce resistive heating elements with parameters designed jointly with a client. For manufacturing of those products we use top quality raw materials and resistor alloys.

Our offer includes also fillers, adhesives and sealants necessary for various kinds of repairs, construction and sealing in high temperature conditions.

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