Producent materiałów ceramicznych



Refractory adhesives have been developed for fast and effective bonding all kinds of groups of high-temperature materials.

Application of the construction:

  • kilns
  • ceramic heaters
  • tiled stoves
  • ETS heaters
  • fireplaces, furnaces
  • electrothermal devices


  • minsulating materials
  • mfibrous insulatig materials
  • refractory prefabricated concretes
  • refractory fittings
  • insulation chimneys

Methods of application:

  • putty knife
  • trowel
  • paint brush
  • cartridges

Ground preparation:
In the case of ceramic-to-metal, fibrous-to-metal connection, metal surface should be free of pollutants such as oiling, surface corrosion, varnish, dirt. Before the application one can gently moisten the ground.

This product is inorganic, doesn’t release gases at high temperatures. Piecolep is a ready-to-use adhesive, but the best results are obtained after thorough mixing prior to application.

Technical Data
Use temperature1400°C
Colouryellowy - beige
Density in delivery condition2,2 g/cm3
Application temperatureabove 5°C
Chemical analysis:Al2O3+ZrO2 min. 54%
Storage12 months since production date
Packagingbuckets 1-20 kg; cartouches 300 ml


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