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Piecobox mass


Piecobox repair mass was developed to quick linings repairs (up to 1400°C) operating in furnaces, dryers, reactors, chimneys, tanks, ducts, and similar devices. Our mass is also used as a tough protective coat.
Piecobox is characterized by high bond-strength and adhesion to most linings.

Piecobox fills scratches, cracks and crevices, strengthening material which is repaired. As far as possible, repaired surface must be cleaned and gently moistened.

Method of application: putty knife, trowel.

Technical data


Ready to work after drying110°C
Use temperature1400°C
Density in delivery condition2,4 g/cm3
Compressive strength10 MPa
Linear shrinkagemax. 3%
Chemical analysisAl2O3+ZrO2 min. 56%
Packagingwiadra 1-20 kg



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