Producent materiałów ceramicznych

FIber Plast


The  Fiber Plast mass is delivered in dry bulk form and after moisturization with water and mixing produces use-ready uniform consistency with good lubricity and adhesion.

Fiber Plast – insulation-repair mass

ZAMAC ZMC is the only manufacturer of Fiber Plast. Buying from us, you can be sure that mass is new of full value


  • good plasticity and lubricity
  • low shrinkage in the drying and firing process
  • resistant to sudden temperature changes
  • doesn’t crack or peel
  • in most applications ready for work after drying
  • good adhesion to most substrates
  • suitable for mechanical processing
  • fills hard-to-reach areas very well

Methods of application:

  • putty knife,
  • trowel


  • protection and repair of the covers of foundry ladles
  • insulation of a foundry ladle – first layer from the surface
  • thermal protection of steel structures
  • protection for refractory fiber insulation modules
  • refractory dilatation
  • filling of the doors, sight glasses and manholes of heating boilers
  • thermal insulation of tanks or protective layers exposed to temperature
  • insulation of cable trays, electric cables, flues
  • insulation of casting runners for non-ferrous metals
  • repair of damaged and worn linings of heating units
  • preparation of various types of seals
  • refractory mats stiffening agent
  • thermal insulation of the inductors in induction furnaces
  • manufacture of insulation fittings
  • prevents the defibration of linings
  • recommended in the embedding of burners
  • replacement for refractory cardboard
  • protection for materials with a lower temperature classificatio
Technical Data
Use temperature1260°C1350°C
Parameters of mass fuel at application temperature:
Apparent density500 kg/m3500 kg/m3
Compressive strength0,8 - 2 MPa0,8 - 2 MPa
Linear shrinkage1%1%
Thermal conductivity(W/m*K):


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